थक गया हूँ मै, खुद को साबित करते करते, दोस्तों..जुल्फों को फैला कर जब कोई महबूबा किसी आशिक की कब्र पर रोती है …मुझे बदनाम करने का बहाना ढू… Read More

“वो छोटी छोटी उड़ानों पे गुरुर नहीं करतातन्हा तो चाँद भी सितारों के बीच में है ;प्यार के घाव से जो दर्द मिलता है उससे भी राहत मिलती है .कम … Read More

language and also in other languages for example Arabic, English, and so forth. The topic of love marriage debated often on different platforms/podiums. There are actually various factors/aspects, which produce aYou have to be wise plenty of to turn the hearth on within her. In case you look pretty and learn how to impress a woman, a lady will get … Read More

Guru ji , provides you with few Vashikaran Mantras as well as directions to use them in right way , to please and appeal to your love , good luck and fortune.After casting this spell the very first thing plenty of people see is numerous “coincidences” that assistance sleek things about and generate just the correct atmosphere to make up. It hel… Read More